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In the era of rapid technological development at this time, social media has become one of the must-have things, especially for young people. Instagram is one of Instagram’s social media trends. Recorded in early 2018, active users of Instagram in Indonesia around 53 million. This is a promising business opportunity for those of you who are active on Instagram. You can make money by becoming a buzzer.

Buzzer actually comes from the word buzz which means ‘conversation’ or ‘talk’, so a buzzer is someone who is considered to be able to make a topic into an interesting discussion and invite many social media users, to create a new trending. Being a buzzer is not easy, there are several conditions that must be met. Here are some easy ways to make money by becoming an Instagram buzzer. Check out the full discussion below:

Have Many Followers

By having many followers, the selling value of buzzer services will be more expensive. Lots of followers mean you will more easily introduce a brand to the followers that you have. But don’t ever use robot followers or buy followers, because if the advertiser knows, they will never use the services of your buzzer again. Add followers to your Instagram account naturally just to make it safer. Try to start by creating content that is being favored by your target followers.

Having natural followers will provide a plus for you. Brand prefers buzzer with natural Instagram followers because it increases brand engagement. With natural and real followers, of course, more people will like your posts.

Have Clear Content

In order for advertisers to be able to advertise to their full potential and not be mistakenly targeted, you must specifically fill in your Instagram content. If you like traveling,  try to fill Instagram content about tourist places that you have visited. If you are a culinary hobby, then make content that contains interesting culinary places that have been visited. That way, advertisers will more easily choose a buzzer that suits their brand personality.

If you prefer to use your Instagram account with mixed content, make sure the content still attracts your followers. Of course, mixed content can still attract attention.

Must Be Instagramable Photos

Having clear content is not enough if the resulting photo is not Instagramable. The intended Instagramable photo is an interesting photo with the correct picture taking plus a touch of editing so that during the post get lots of likes and comments. You are at least required to understand the basics of photography and understand a little about photo editing. If your content is interesting, followers will go up by themselves.

There is no harm in learning photography little by little. You can study via YouTube or take a photography course. In addition, investment in good tools is also allowed. Use a mirrorless camera for example. To help the sharpness of the image and image results look more attractive.

Have a High Engagement

If the content generated is Instagramable, then we can be sure the level of engagement will be high. Unlike the photos that were posted with the origin of the snap and does not display the Instagramable impression, it is certain the level of likes and comments will be small, even though it has tens of thousands of followers. In addition, create attractive captions to invite followers to like and comment so that engagement can be increased.

Creative and Active

There is a saying ” Man Behind the Gun “, so the most important thing is people who use the tool, no matter how sophisticated the tool is if you can’t use it then it will be the same. If you want to be a buzzer, then you need to be creative and active in creating content that is liked by many followers.

After your followers reach above 20 thousand, you can start to make money from Instagram. You can start by offering these services to an online shop on Instagram or to other parties to advertise with rates starting from 100 thousand for one post. Continue to make interesting content so that your Instagram account becomes bigger, so the cost for one post can go up to millions of rupiah.

Thus the discussion about how to easily make money by becoming an Instagram buzzer. Maybe if you imagine it will feel complicated and difficult, but over time you will get used to and feel easy. For those of you who are social media buzzers who experience obstacles in dealing with financial administration issues, you can use the Journal application.

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