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3 Requirements that Must Be Fulfilled to Become an Auditor

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Maintaining the quality of the auditor’s performance and audit results are required to meet the provisions of the auditor’s professional standards. Audit standards emphasize the professional quality of auditors and the way auditors take judgment and decisions when conducting audits and reporting. If you want to be an auditor or want to use audit services in a company, you need to know the requirements for becoming an auditor. Before discussing the requirements, you should be familiar with what is contained in the audit.

Implement Blue Ocean Strategy for Your Business

Nowadays business competition is getting tougher, so business people must be able to look for innovative and creative marketing ideas and strategies. With a creative strategy, creative business opportunities will open. As a business person, you need to apply innovations that are not thought of by your business competitors. Although innovations are created outside of your comfort zone. One of the strategies carried out by business people is Blue Ocean Strategy.

Benefits of Using Accounting Software for Business

Managing a business is challenging and complicated.

Whatever the type of business, business management requires a high level of accuracy. Business owners are expected to be able to know about simple financial statements, ways of marketing, production, sales, and various other matters related to business.

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Having a business is everyone’s dream. But for some people have obstacles when starting and building a business such as the availability of capital and resources, business ideas, and also the strategy in running it. Usually to outsmart these obstacles prospective business people start their businesses in various ways one of which is to take a franchise or franchise business.


In general, a franchise business is one of the business models that runs between brand owners and financiers. Where, the brand owner  gives the right to conduct his business including the use of the mark in accordance with the provisions that have been mutually agreed upon. While franchising is a foreign language term for franchising. With a franchise system, capital owners do not need to build a brand and business work system from scratch.


The development of franchising in Indonesia is currently developing rapidly and is very profitable. Some examples of developing franchises include in the culinary or food fields such as Thai Tea, Boba Tea, Sabana, Kaba Baba Rafi  and various other brands . Besides in the culinary field, franchises can also take the form of retail mini outlets such as Indomaret, Yomart, Alfamart and others. Besides in big cities, mini-outlet retail franchises are also growing to remote areas.


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Brands that are already well-known by the public usually already have their own consumers and markets so that the  franchisee  does not need to think about marketing strategies and competitor analysis. A good brand must also have extensive media coverage so that the franchise business will be more easily recognized by the public.


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